Actually Learn Git (and Podcast Interview with ThePrimeagen)

Git is one of the most important tools to any software engineer. It can also be one of the biggest headaches when attempting a complex merge or unwinding a tangled mess of commits. 

But what if you didn’t need to rage-quit and start over with git reset –hard? Well, ThePrimeagen is here to teach you Everything You Need to Know About Git. This isn’t just about pushing, pulling, merging, and rebasing (although, that’s all covered). He’ll also show you how git works under the hood and help you understand commit history and solve complex conflicts. 

Everything You Need to Know About Git

Never run into an unsolvable Git problem again. Create and manage repos, branch for parallel development, and resolve conflicts with merge and rebase. Learn advanced git abilities like interactive rebasing for cleaning up commit history, bisecting to locate problematic commits, worktrees, and the reflog. By understanding Git’s architecture and inner workings, you’ll be able to handle any Git problem with confidence and become an indispensable asset to any large project.

Some highlights from the course:

  • Understand Git’s architecture under the hood and configure Git settings
  • Learn the most important strategies and commands for merging conflicts (merge, rebase, cherry-pick, and squash)
  • Search and bisect commit history to identify issues
  • Add advanced tools to your tool belt like stashing, interactive rebasing, and worktrees
  • Use tags for versioning and contribute to open source projects

We hope you enjoy learning Everything You Need to Know About Git

Podcast Interview with ThePrimeagen

If you haven’t seen it yet, we did a podcast with ThePrimeagen. It’s at over 100k views and tons of people said they enjoyed it in the comments! ThePrimeagen: VIM (btw), Streaming, & Content Creation | The Frontend Masters Podcast Ep.9

Episode 9 of the Frontend Masters Podcast features ThePrimeagen, Netflix engineer and NeoVim enthusiast (by the way). In this episode he discusses the challenges of developer productivity, his experience with various programming roles, and his passion for Vim, and tooling. ThePrimeagen also delves into balancing work with personal life, the intricacies of content creation, and his excitement for future projects, including live reacting to tech conferences. Additionally, ThePrimeagen reflects on his journey, offering a rare glimpse into the life lessons learned along the way.

The episode is up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well.

Here are all of ThePrimeagen’s courses on Frontend Masters, btw.

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