2023 JavaScript Rising Stars

JavaScript Rising Stars is interesting to look at year after year because of the simple methodology of measuring how many more GitHub Stars a project gets year after year. A project like React with a massive amount of star-based popularity isn’t guaranteed to top the list, and in fact this year clocks in at #7.

The winner? shadcn/ui, notable for it’s extremely unusual distribution method.

This is NOT a component library. It’s a collection of re-usable components that you can copy and paste into your apps.[You] do not install it as a dependency. It is not available or distributed via npm. Pick the components you need. Copy and paste the code into your project and customize to your needs. The code is yours.

Clearly, this approach really connects with people. The components are React-only, in TypeScript, and styled with a Tailwind dependency. Impressive the level of popularity even with that thick set of requirements.

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