Computer Science Learning Path Learn Data Structures & Algorithms with JavaScript

Gain a fundamental understanding of computer science while coding common algorithms and data structures in JavaScript.

Core Coursework

(take these in order)

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    Start with a tour of the core computer science concepts, including big-o to measure code complexity, algorithms to search and sort, and data structures to store and retrieve data efficiently.
  • Complete Intro to Computer Science

    Learn our computer science intro course and understand Algorithms and Big O Analysis, Recursion, Sorting, Data Structures, AVL Trees, and more.
    8 hours, 59 minutes CC
    Complete Intro to Computer Science
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    Dive into the most common algorithms in computer science using JavaScript.
  • The Last Algorithms Course You'll Need

    The last algorithms course you’ll need to pass tough interview questions that use arrays, lists, trees, graphs, maps, and searching and sorting algorithms.
    9 hours, 20 minutes CC
    The Last Algorithms Course You'll Need
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    Put your knowledge into practice! Learn to think through challenges and solve them with algorithms.
  • Practical Problem Solving with Algorithms

    Put algorithms and computer science techniques into practice! Think through challenges and apply techniques like recursion, traversals, acyclic paths, memoization
    9 hours, 14 minutes CC
    Practical Problem Solving with Algorithms
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    There’s more to learn! Take Bianca’s courses to reinforce some of the concepts, or dive into more topics around computer science concepts like Functional Programming, Web Assembly, or even building a programming language!

Elective Coursework