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Git In-depth Merging and ReReRe Exercise

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In this exercise, students look at fast-forward merge, learn how to make a non-fast-forward merge, then learn how to use git's Reuse Recorded Resolution (ReReRe) functionality to automate complex merges.

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Transcript from the "Merging and ReReRe Exercise" Lesson

>> Nina Zakharenko: Let's do an excercise and check out Merging and Git ReReRe.
>> Speaker 2: David's asking is there any dangers of using ReReRe?
>> Nina Zakharenko: Git does a pretty good job of matching conflict resolutions. I personally perfer to turn it on on a per project basis. One of those things I don't like having on globally, I like knowing that it's on, and it's not on by default.

[00:00:33] If necessary, if something goes wrong, if you mess up the resolution, GIT allows you to delete those saved resolutions, and try again.