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Merging and ReReRe Exercise

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In this exercise, students look at fast-forward merge, learn how to make a non-fast-forward merge, then learn how to use git's Reuse Recorded Resolution (ReReRe) functionality to automate complex merges.


Transcript from the "Merging and ReReRe Exercise" Lesson

>> Nina Zakharenko: Let's do an excercise and check out Merging and Git ReReRe.
>> Speaker 2: David's asking is there any dangers of using ReReRe?
>> Nina Zakharenko: Git does a pretty good job of matching conflict resolutions. I personally perfer to turn it on on a per project basis. One of those things I don't like having on globally, I like knowing that it's on, and it's not on by default.

If necessary, if something goes wrong, if you mess up the resolution, GIT allows you to delete those saved resolutions, and try again.

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