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TypeScript Learning Path Add Types to Your Web and Node.js Apps with TypeScript

Write robust JavaScript with a superior developer experience for your teams with Typescript.

Core Coursework

(take these in order)

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    Editor's Notes

    TypeScript adds type support to large JavaScript applications, reducing bugs and keeping code performant and maintainable.
  • TypeScript 5+ Fundamentals, v4

    TypeScript adds a powerful type system to JavaScript, adding type aliases, union/intersection types, and generics. Migrate to TypeScript, enhancing code reliability and error detection in your codebase.
    5 hours, 12 minutes CC
    TypeScript 5+ Fundamentals, v4
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    Editor's Notes

    Grow from a TypeScript contributor to becoming “the TypeScript expert” for your team. Gain the ability to understand challenging type information and use a wide range of TypeScript’s built-in utility types.
  • Intermediate TypeScript, v2

    Dive deeper into TypeScript's powerful features, including handling of extreme types, nullish values, ES modules, and advanced generics. Learn about namespaces, classes, top and bottom types, and practical use of conditional and mapped types.
    5 hours, 3 minutes CC
    Intermediate TypeScript, v2
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    Editor's Notes

    This course bridges the gap from understanding how TypeScript works to solving complex problems in a codebase.
  • Making TypeScript Stick

    Get hands-on practice using advanced TypeScript concepts. Test your knowledge through quizzes, challenges, and even a TypeScript game show!
    3 hours, 59 minutes CC
    Making TypeScript Stick
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    Editor's Notes

    Learn how to manage complexity in large TypeScript codebases with confidence.
  • Enterprise TypeScript

    Configure your TypeScript codebases for scalability, empowering large teams to collaborate more effectively! Learn how to set up, maintain, and evolve TypeScript libraries, manage migrations from JavaScript, and stay updated with TypeScript compiler versions. Utilize Yarn workspaces, TypeScript strictness settings, runtime type checking, and testing strategies for types.
    5 hours, 10 minutes CC
    Enterprise TypeScript
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    Editor's Notes

    Apply your vast TypeScript knowledge to algorithms or the framework of your choice. Use a type system to help maintain a large-scale mono-repo. Explore how TypeScript compares to other languages like Go or Rust.

Elective Coursework