Learn Asynchronous JavaScript and Rx.js Observables

JavaScript has many new features for writing effective asynchronous code. One popular pattern is built into Rx.js with the observables pattern.

Core Coursework

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    Editor's Notes

    Understanding asynchronous programming will increase your programming abilities significantly. In this course, Will focuses on the new asynchronous features in the latest versions of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript: The New Hard Parts

    Develop an intuitive understanding of the new features of JavaScript in ES6+: iterators, generators, promises, and async/await!
    4 hours, 46 minutes CC
    JavaScript: The New Hard Parts
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    Editor's Notes

    Rx.js is a really useful JavaScript library for managing events that happen over time.
  • Rx.js Fundamentals

    Master the basics of Rx.js by creating an observable from scratch, manipulate data arriving over time with Rx.js operators.
    3 hours, 57 minutes CC
    Rx.js Fundamentals
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    Editor's Notes

    Getting lots of practice using map, reduce and filter will reveal how utterly indispensable of tools they are in your day to day code. Jafar teaches these within the context of observables, which is a construct to create streams of data in JavaScript.
  • Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript (with Rx.js Observables)

    Learning how to build and manage asynchronous programs is perhaps the most important part of becoming an effective JavaScript programmer.
    9 hours, 38 minutes CC
    Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript (with Rx.js Observables)
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    Editor's Notes

    Take asynchronous programming to the next level by composing streams with observables. Jafar teaches you a method that Netflix uses to build super fast software at scale.
  • Advanced Asynchronous JavaScript

    Know how Javascript is asynchronous and use features and techniques that will help you reduce code and create more innovative applications. Learn more!
    3 hours, 34 minutes CC
    Advanced Asynchronous JavaScript
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    Editor's Notes

    There are many, many ways to write asynchronous code in JavaScript. Kyle gives you a tour of both asynchronous programming. He also teaches you to write functional JavaScript which can help with writing asynchronous programs more predictably.

Elective Coursework