Zero to Production with Node.js
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Zero to Production with Node.js

Kevin Whinnery
Kevin Whinnery
Twilio Node Module
August 25 to 26, 2016 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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From Downtown Minneapolis, MN

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August 25 to 26, 2016 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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August 25 to 26, 2016 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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Zero to Production with Node.js

Why You Should Join Us

By coding along with us in the Workshop, you'll:

  • Learn to use new JavaScript language features in Node.js with real-world examples
  • Learn a template for organizing Node.js code in an application you intend to support for the long haul
  • Learn a technology stack that combines reliable Node.js modules in a productive development environment
  • Learn tools to create unit, functional, and integration tests for your Node.js code
  • Learn a blueprint for deploying your Node.js application on AWS
  • Learn techniques for load testing your application to ensure it can handle 10x the traffic you expect

Your Instructor

Kevin Whinnery

Kevin Whinnery

Kevin is the author and maintainer of Twilio's official node.js module. Kevin is also the founder and co-organizer of JavaScriptMN, one of Minnesota's largest and most active technical user groups.

Spend a Full Day Immersed With a Leading Node.js Master

Workshop Details

"One of the things I love about Node.js is the emphasis on small modules and a lean core - for me, it makes the platform and my dependencies easier to understand.

The flip side of that strength, however, is paralysis of choice. There are a million ways to do everything, and batteries are rarely included. And how to actually deploy and measure the effectiveness (both in scale and UX) of web applications is usually an exercise left to the reader.

The goal of this course is to present a technology stack and toolchain that you can build on, test, and operate in production. I suspect every Node developer will want to tweak or customize the stack we'll present, but it's a proven place to start based on my experience building production APIs in Node.js"

~Kevin Whinery

Over two days, equip yourself with the knowledge to build, test, deploy, and scale Node.js web applications in production.

Join Kevin Whinnery and learn invaluable skills you can take back to improve your Node.js applications.

Daily Schedule

We've already held over 70 workshops holding thousands attendees both in-person and online. In this time we've discovered ways to schedule the day so it goes smoothly and efficiently.

Regardless if you're in-person or participating with us online you'll have the full ability to replay things you missed, get your questions answered LIVE and interact with the teacher throughout the day.

Day 1

  • 9:00AM
    Introduction and Course Overview
  • 9:30AM
    The Web server
  • 11:00AM
    A Build System
  • 12:30PM
    Lunch Break
  • 1:30PM
    Integrating a Database
  • 3:00PM
    A Production Environment
  • 4:30PM
    Day 1 Wrap-up and Q&A

Day 2

  • 9:00AM
    The Front-End Toolchain
  • 10:30AM
    Creating a Rich Front-End
  • 12:00PM
    Lunch Break
  • 1:00PM
    Real Time User Interface
  • 2:00PM
    A Production Monitoring System
  • 3:00PM
    Check Your Assumptions with Web Analytics
  • 4:00PM
    Day 2 Wrap-up and Q&A

Interact with the Instructor - Online & In-Person

Get Your Questions Answered • Code Along with the Class • Classroom Format

Is This Workshop for Me?


This course is designed to help you understand what's necessary to build, deploy, and operate Node.js web applications in production. If you're coming to Node from another server-side language, or have been playing around with Node, but aren't sure how you'd actually ship a Node.js web application, this course is for you. It's easy to get started with Node.js - this course is intended to help you get to production.

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2 Full Day Workshop Sessions

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August 25 to 26, 2016 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time


Option 1: Attend online on our full HD live stream

Option 2: Attend in-person at HQ in Minneapolis, MN