Modern SEO
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Modern SEO

Mike North
Mike North
April 14, 2017 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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April 14, 2017 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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April 14, 2017 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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Modern SEO

Why You Should Join Us

By coding along with us in the Workshop, you'll:

  • SEO basics, including content quality, page rank, positive and negative metrics
  • Empower search engines to index and represent your content in the best way possible
  • Make optimizations that give web crawlers important hints as to how your URLs relate to each other
  • Employ server-side rendering and a combination of OpenGraph and Twitter Card metadata provide a great social sharing experience
  • Generate thumbnails using a library called ImageMagick to create all the sizes we need on the fly, and learn some tips and tricks to make sure our cropping and resizing will turn out beautifully.
  • Go beyond simple link sharing, and explore the OEmbed standard, whereby our apps can instruct consumers as to how our rich web content should be represented on their sites

Your Instructor

Mike North

Mike North

Mike is a modern web consultant and Staff Engineer at LinkedIn where he works with the Web Frameworks team to maintain the company's tech stack. Mike was the CTO of Levanto Financial and an open source contributor to ember-cli, ember-data and ember.js. Before working at Levanto, Mike was the UI Architect of Yahoo's Ads & Data division, and was a driving force in replacing YUI with Ember as the UI framework of choice throughout the division, and the company as a whole. Mike led the UI engineering effort to build out Yahoo's Ad platform in Ember.js, improving the framework, tooling and ecosystem along the way.

Spend the Day Immersed With a Master of Modern SEO

Workshop Details

Some aspects of SEO seem like black magic, but there's a lot that can be done to ensure your app is at its best when shown in search results, and linked to on social networks.

In this course, we'll begin with the basics of traditional SEO, and quickly move on to adding structured metadata to your app, so that your site shows up in search results in as rich a way as possible.

Next, we'll explore Accelerated Mobile Pages - an open-source initiative to provide users with an instant-loading experience on mobile devices. To accomplish this, we have to play by a strict set of rules, but the end result is worth it!

Finally, we'll look at mobile optimizations that will make your web applications more mobile friendly, including Web Application Manifests and more!

Daily Schedule

We've already held over 80 workshops holding thousands attendees in-person and online. In this time we've discovered ways to schedule the day so it goes smoothly and efficiently.

Regardless if you're in-person or participating with us online you'll have the full ability to replay things you missed, get your questions answered LIVE and interact with the teacher throughout the day.

  • 9:30AM
    Traditional SEO
  • 10:00AM
    Optimizing for Crawlers
  • 11:00AM
    Structured Data
  • 12:00PM
    Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • 1:00PM
  • 1:30PM
    Social Metadata
  • 2:30PM
    Rules of Thumb
  • 3:30PM
    Embedding in Other Places
  • 4:30PM
    Mobile Optimizations
  • 5:30PM
    Wrap Up & Recap

Interact with the Instructor - Online & In-Person

Get Your Questions Answered • Code Along with the Class • Classroom Format

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Getting the most out of search engines and social networking is more important than ever! Take advantage of Google, Facebook and Twitter's most advanced features, and boost user engagement. If you build and maintain web applications that need good SEO optimization, this is the course for you

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One Full Day Workshop Session

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April 14, 2017 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time


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Option 2: Attend in-person at HQ in Minneapolis, MN