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Functional JavaScript with Kyle Simpson

April 19th & April 20th, 2017 • 9:30am – 5:00pm CST

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From: Downtown Minneapolis, MN

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By coding along with us for this two day workshop you’ll:

  • Rearrange how we think about functions, including powerful new patterns for managing its inputs and output
  • Learn how pure functions avoid side effects
  • Discover what a candy factory has to do with function composition
  • Understand how recursion helps us understand recursion
  • List operations (map/filter/reduce) and how to find lists in our code even when they’re not literal
  • Apply functional concepts to modeling values over time (asynchrony)
  • Advance our FP mastery with fusion, transducing, and monads

Your Instructor

Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson is an evangelist of the open web, passionate about all things JavaScript. He writes books, teaches JavaScript, speaks, and contributes to the world of OSS.

Follow Kyle’s most recent contributions over at Github.

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Functional Programming (FP) is deeply loved by its adherents, but often feared by the common folk that struggle to juggle all the notation, types and category theory, and terminology.

Naively, I used to think, “Hey, I use functions in my code, I must be doing functional programming." Boy was I wrong! I mean, yeah, the function is at the heart of FP, but the fact is, most of us don't even fully understand what a function should be!

There's got to be a better way to learn the important principles of FP, and what they can do for our code — improve readability by being more trustable and verifiable! — than to get a university degree steeped in CS theory.

FP transforms our code in powerful and important ways, but we need to look at each concept carefully to develop an intuition for starting to think more like a function. Along with my latest book of the same name, this 2-day workshop is your path to that deeper understanding. It's the ground-up guide you've been wanting, even if you didn't know you needed it!

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How We'll Spend Each Day

Functional-Light programming (in JavaScript!) is above all a pragmatic balance between pure FP thinking and imperative just-get-it-done code. Using the core concepts of FP as an aspirataional guide — not a straight-jacket — our goal is to write JS not only we can understand, but others who read our code. This course is by no means a beginner intro; it's a rigorous and deep dive, but one where you actually get to understand the whys and hows.

Functional Programming is a steep cliff to climb, and most FP literature expects that you're already pretty adept at mountain climbing when throwing you at the wall. Functional-Light is simple climbing gear and a more gradual slope to trek. By the top of that hill, you'll look around and see the landscape more clearly. And from there, you'll better understand how the rest of the climb will go, should you choose it.

The Price

The price for attending this 2-day workshop is simply the cost of becoming a monthly ($39) member. If you have already attended one, you know this is a tremendous value. If you haven’t, you may be wondering if it’s truly worth becoming a member.

Browse through just a few of the testimonials and you’ll see that people RAVE over these workshops. They’re unique and provide an experience and education you simple cannot find anywhere else.

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Is This Workshop For Me?

This class is for experienced JavaScript developers who have at least some experience in building advanced web applications. This workshop will give you valuable insights in coding functional, light JavaScript.

You'll Either LOVE This Workshop Or You Don't Pay. Period.

Our attendees are ecstatic by the high-quality, relevant content they receive at these workshops.

We cover everything in explicit detail (and the things we miss are covered by answers to YOUR questions) from basic to advanced tactics you can start working with the very same day. We don't want you to miss out on this opportunity because you've been to less-than-stellar workshops in the past. We promise you, ours are very unique.

That's why if you attend the workshop and aren't absolutely thrilled with the content… if you don't think it's worth the admission price… We refuse to accept your money. We will more than gladly issue you a full refund, so you risk nothing.

We're very specific about what you're getting here and have ran lots of workshops… so we've almost never have requests for refunds (99.8% satisfaction rate).

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What Past Attendees Are Saying

"Superb presentation from a genuine domain expert. I learned a ton today."

Steve Jakubowski

"Keep up the good work. I've attended a lot of online workshops, and they are very shallow and unpractical. Most of the time, online people are treated as second class, but still paying citizens. Here we get all the content and get to participate as well (if only there was a way to get those cookies...)."

Adrian Murillo

"The class was great. It was really cool to get a bunch of links to example code to look at during the presentation and after the class."

Nate Yourchuck

"Good location and facility. Great technology for capture, presentation layout and video streaming. Really excellent being able to view the videos afterwards. It takes away the sense of having to absorb everything immediately or else lose it into the ether. It was fun. What more can you ask for?"

Laurence Bates

"Really well run...loved the communication pre-event. Very impressed with everything...this was my first online conference purchase, but I would definitely consider doing it again."

Jeff Sims

"I really enjoyed the online workshop experience. It is much better than just watching videos. I was able to participate in the conversations and benefit from other folks' questions."

Dana Greenberg

"You guys did a really great job! I cannot say enough good things about the experience."

Richard Ranke

"Everything was first class: excellent instructor, material, video, moderator, audio. Thank you!"

Oscar Pagani

My name is Marc Grabanski I'm the founder of Frontend Masters. I guarantee this workshop will be awesome. Period.

If you don't think it's worth 10x the value, I'm happy to give you back every penny. That's my promise to you!

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