CSS In-Depth, v2
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CSS In-Depth, v2

December 11 to 12, 2017 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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From Downtown Minneapolis, MN

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December 11 to 12, 2017 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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December 11 to 12, 2017 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time

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CSS In-Depth, v2

Some Key Takeaways!

By coding along with us in the Workshop, you'll:

  • Many CSS features, starting from basic to advanced on each topic, and the surrounding properties, values, and issues, including:
  • Learn how the specificity of selectors can help unleash the power of the CSS cascade.
  • Leverage CSS to improve the usability of web forms
  • Learn how to design visual effects with shadows, colors, and background images.
  • Master linear and radial gradients with angles and color-stops.
  • Solve stubborn layout challenges with flexbox.
  • Learn how to use CSS grids to layout your content independent of document source order while precisely matching your design.
  • Use CSS transforms to rotate, skew, scale, or translate elements in 2D space.
  • Control an element's perspective and backside in 3D space.
  • Learn all the tricks and gotchas to be able to apply transitions and animations in production without headaches.
  • Learn how to gain responsive web design without the use of media queries, and learn media queries for when you do need them.
  • Discover the hacks, browser support, accessibility, and browser quirks of cutting edge CSS features.
  • Learn how to use tools to help you write CSS3 more efficiently, touching on debuggers and pre-processors.
  • Review tips for writing and maintaining CSS for projects and teams both large and small.

Your (Awesome) Instructor

Estelle Weyl

Estelle Weyl

Estelle is a consulting web developer, trainer, author and speaker. She speaks and leads workshops on web development all over the world. Her books have been translated into over 14 languages. She's been coding CSS, HTML, and JavaScript since 1999.

Spend A Full Day Immersed With Estelle Weyl

Workshop Details

With new syntax to learn and different browsers sometimes supports slightly differing, CSS can be a struggle. However, the power of CSS is worth the pain. With an understanding on how to employ CSS correctly, you can reduce development time, shrink maintenance costs, and improve SEO, accessibility and site performance.

In this in-person or online two-day workshop you will learn the capabilities of CSS3, including new layout techniques, animation, progressive design principles, time-saving techniques, and debugging and development tools.

There have been over 100 specifications introduced since the original CSS draft, so while we can't cover everything in this workshop, we will look at some of the specifications with a focus on what specifications are implemented, supported, usable, and shippable.

Daily Schedule

Rough Schedule

Day 1

  • 9:30AM
  • 9:45AM
  • 11:45AM
  • 12:00PM
    Generated Content
  • 12:40PM
  • 1:40PM
    Media Queries
  • 2:00PM
    Best Practices
  • 2:30PM
  • 2:45PM
    Colors & Transparency
  • 3:45PM

Day 2

  • 9:30AM
    CSS Grids
  • 11:00AM
    Fonts / Web Typography
  • 11:30AM
    Backgrounds & Borders
  • 12:30PM
  • 1:30PM
  • 2:45PM
  • 3:15PM
    Transitions & Animation
  • 4:30PM
    Other Features

Interact with the Instructor - Online & In-Person

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Is This Workshop for Me?


This workshop is targeted at designers and developers who already work with CSS, and even use features of CSS3, and want to become proficient in advanced features of CSS.

Any Prerequisites?

  • Laptop with Chrome and your favorite IDE installed.

Event Details


2 Full Day Workshop Sessions

Replay Videos (available immediately)


December 11 to 12, 2017 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central US Time


Option 1: Attend online on our full HD live stream

Option 2: Attend in-person at HQ in Minneapolis, MN