Complete Intro to Databases
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Complete Intro to Databases

October 21 to 22, 2020 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central Daylight Time

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Complete Intro to Databases

Some Key Takeaways!

By coding along with us in the Workshop, you'll:

  • Become familiar with the popularly-paired-with database for Node.js, MongoDB!
  • Learn the mystic craft of SQL when writing your first queries for PostgreSQL!
  • Answer the time old question of how many degrees is an actress or actor separated from Kevin Bacon with the graph database Neo4j!
  • Familiarize yourself with caching techniques with the key-value store Redis!

Your (Awesome) Instructor

Brian Holt

Brian Holt

Brian is currently working as a principal program manager on Azure at Microsoft and he’s all about developers, developers, developers. Previously he was a JavaScript engineer at Netflix, LinkedIn and Reddit. When not working, Brian finds time to teach on Frontend Masters, run his mouth on Front End Happy Hour, travel all over the world, and play with his adorable dog. Brian is currently a resident of Seattle, WA.

Spend Two Full Days Immersed in Databases with Brian Holt

Workshop Details

Databases can seem like big, insurmountable obstacles when learning more backend coding. Furthermore it can be a big struggle to choose which one best fits whatever problem you're trying to solve. In this course learn to insert, read, and update records across four of the most popular open source databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Neo4j, and Redis.

Daily Schedule

We've already held over 300 workshops with thousands of attendees in-person and online. In this time we've discovered ways to schedule the day, so it goes smoothly and efficiently. Regardless if you're in-person or participating with us online you'll have the full ability to replay things you missed, get your questions answered LIVE and interact with the teacher throughout the day.

Day 1

  • 9:30AM
  • 10:00AM
  • 11:00AM
    Node.js with MongoDB
  • 12:00PM
  • 1:00PM
  • 2:00PM
    Node.js with PostgreSQL
  • 3:00PM
  • 4:00PM
    Node.js with Neo4j

Day 2

  • 9:30AM
  • 10:30AM
    Node.js with Redis
  • 11:00AM
    Wrap up

Interact with the Instructor

Get Your Questions Answered • Code Along with the Class • Classroom Format

Is This Workshop for Me?

Any Prerequisites?

  • A bit of CLI experience
  • Containers experience helps but not required
  • A bit of coding experience, Node.js experience a plus

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2 Full Day Workshop Sessions

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October 21 to 22, 2020 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central Daylight Time


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