Client-side APIs
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(CANCELED) Client-side APIs

May 1, 2018 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central Daylight Time

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Sorry, this workshop was canceled. :-(

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May 1, 2018 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Central Daylight Time

Sorry, this workshop was canceled and not available for replay. :-(

Sorry, this workshop was canceled and not available for replay. :-(

Client-side APIs

Join Ayşegül Yönet as she dives deep into the Communication, Hardware, and Data Management API’s to build robust mobile web applications.

Some Key Takeaways!

By participating along with us in the workshop, you'll learn:

  • Create web applications that are utilizing client-side API’s.
  • Learn Communication API’s to be able to create IoT applications that communicate with mobile devices and other hardware such as speakers.
  • We will experiment with Hardware API’s that are useful in creating applications that takes advantage of mobile device’s location and orientation.
  • We will dive deep into Data Storage API’s that allow us to create better user experiences and performant applications that minimizes data calls to application backend.
  • As well as working with the API’s we will go over debugging mobile web applications using our devices.

Your (Awesome) Instructor

Ayşegül Yönet

Ayşegül Yönet

Ayşegül is a Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft Azure and the Co-chair of the W3C Immersive Web Working Group. She is into spatial computing, WebXR and Mixed Reality.

Deep dive into Web API’s to build robust mobile web applications

Workshop Details

WebAPI is a term used to refer to a suite of device compatibility and access APIs that allow Web apps and content to access device hardware such as battery status or the device vibration hardware, as well as access to data stored on the device like the calendar or contacts list. In this course, Yönet will go over Communication, Hardware, and Data Management API’s to build mobile web applications.

Daily Schedule

We've already held over 300 workshops with thousands of attendees in-person and online. In this time we've discovered ways to schedule the day, so it goes smoothly and efficiently. Regardless if you're in-person or participating with us online you'll have the full ability to replay things you missed, get your questions answered LIVE and interact with the teacher throughout the day.

  • 9:30AM
  • 10:00AM
    Getting the Network information from a device
  • 10:30AM
    Communicating through bluetooth API
  • 11:00AM
    Push notifications
  • 11:30AM
    Exercise: creating and application to play music on a bluetooth speaker
  • 12:00PM
  • 1:00PM
    Working with device location and proximity to another device
  • 2:00PM
    Working with Device Orientation
  • 2:30PM
    Accessing to device camera
  • 3:00PM
    Example: exercise using device orientation and location.
  • 3:30PM
    Web Storage
  • 4:00PM
    Session and Local Storage use cases
  • 4:30PM
  • 5:00PM
    Example: application that stores users preferences as well as session data

Interact with the Instructor - Online & In-Person

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Is This Workshop for Me?


This course is designed for developers who have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and more advanced topics as Promises and looking to learn more about the Web APIs that are used in web and mobile development.

Any Prerequisites?

  • Working knowledge of HTML.
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript and DOM API's.

Event Details


One Full Day Workshop Session

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CANCELED, sorry. :-(