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Vue.js Learning Path Build Rich Applications with the Powerful & Easy-to-Pickup Vue.js Framework

Vue is quick to learn and easy to integrate with other libraries or existing projects while having the power to scale to sophisticated web applications.

Core Coursework

(take these in order)

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    Editor's Notes

    Learn the fundamentals and core concepts of Vue
  • Vue 3 Fundamentals

    Learn to build complete apps with Vue: create flexible components using directives, props, lifecycle hooks, and slots. And use Vue Router for routing and Pinia for state management.
    7 hours, 0 minutes CC
    Vue 3 Fundamentals
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    Editor's Notes

    Learn best practices for building Vue.js apps that can scale and grow!
  • Production-Grade Vue.js

    Learn component design patterns, workflows to enhance productivity, testing methodologies, state management, routing, and more!
    4 hours, 37 minutes CC
    Production-Grade Vue.js
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    Editor's Notes

    Write more bulletproof code using Vue and TypeScript
  • TypeScript and Vue 3

    Learn to integrate TypeScript with Vue's options API and the Vue 3+ composition API.
    3 hours, 6 minutes CC
    TypeScript and Vue 3
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    Editor's Notes

    Use the optional courses below to dive deeper into Vue or apply your Vue.js skill while learning to create performant full-stack web applications with Nuxt.

Elective Coursework