Introducing Frontend Masters: Front-End Web Development Training

We are excited to introduce to you a new solution for getting in-depth training from trusted experts in front-end web development.

Several months ago we developed a video training package filmed in an in-person classroom environment. This was created for two main reasons:

  1. We want you to get opinions and insights from experts who are actively shaping the industry. Leading library and framework creators and those actively participating in moving the web forward.
  2. We want you to learn from expert answers to questions from live, in-person web developers. We capture questions from a classroom of web developers. Some of the best opinions and insights come from web developers who are there in the room with the teachers.

We made the entire set of training videos available as an enterprise product. Many great companies and universities such as Apple, Rackspace, Federal Reserve, University of Aukland, Thoughtworks, Gov Delivery, TST Media and more bought them and used them to train themselves and their staff. We’ve received nothing but praise back from customers since launch.

But requests from people like you kept pouring in asking for a low-cost way to access this content.

So we are excited to announce just that…a way to access all of our front-end web development training videos for an accessible monthly subscription! Just $39/mo.

Premium Courses

  1. Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery Course by Karl Swedberg, Author of Learning jQuery and the jQuery API Documentation
  2. jQuery In-Depth Course by Karl Swedberg
  3. jQuery Plugins and jQuery UI Course by Scott Gonzalez, lead developer for jQuery UI
  4. Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 Course by Christopher Schmitt, author of HTML5 Cookbook and CSS Cookbook
  5. AngularJS and Code Testability Course by Misko Hevery, the creator of AngularJS (by Google).

We are also offering some free lessons on the courses page for you to watch now and get a taste of the full courses.

More Courses Coming Soon!

  • JavaScript the Good Parts by Douglas Crockford (NOTE: this course just launch)
  • Website Performance by Kyle Simpson
  • Responsive Web Design by Ben Callahan
  • UX Agile Engineering by Bill Scott
  • JavaScript and Website Architecture by Garann Means
  • CSS3 In-Depth by Estelle Weyl

Thanks to all who have weighted in on our surveys, bought our initial training package and gave us such rave reviews. We are looking forward to open this up to a new audience and see that it isn’t the best training in front-end web development!

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14 thoughts on “Introducing Frontend Masters: Front-End Web Development Training

  1. Hi there. I already know JavaScript basics, but not completely. Im working as Front end developer on HTML/css. I use jQuery free scripts everyday.

    I never build any plugins nor im any JS app or nodejs.

    Will your course teach me step by step ?

  2. Hi Marc

    These are awesome screencasts, looking forward to future titles. Specially JavaScript and responsive design courses. Do you have any idea when they will be available?

    One more thing can you please add the slideshow Instructors are using in the screen casts for download.


    • These are awesome screencasts, looking forward to future titles. Specially JavaScript and responsive design courses. Do you have any idea when they will be available?

      Glad you are enjoying the content so far! We hope to release JavaScript the Good Parts in mid to late January and Responsive Web Design in mid to late March.

      One more thing can you please add the slideshow Instructors are using in the screen casts for download.

      The slides have all been added to the bottom of each courses under “Associated Resources”. I hope that helps and is what you need.

    • At this point we currently have 6 courses in production and we plan to release 1 of these per month for the next 6 months. Next up is Crockford’s course on JavaScript the Good Parts.

      After that it depends on the amount of active subscribers we have and the future direction of the platform, but we hope to keep the pace of at least 1 course per month.

  3. I am a graphic designer transitioning from mostly print work to mostly web work. I use html and css and have made and worked on quite a few websites, but I don’t know how to write my own javascript or jquery. These workshops seem to cover everything I need, but are they good for beginners? Thanks!

    • Of course! After you subscribe, head to the “My Account” page and cancel your subscription, then you can always login and re-subscribe whenever you want to. It’s easy!

  4. Andrew Hoffman says:

    Any chance we’ll see some node walk-throughs soon? The monthly cost to available content ratio isn’t working out so well.

    • Hey Andrew!

      I’m not sure I can convince you to stay, but we do have an Agile UX Engineering workshop and a Web / JavaScript Architecture course coming out next month in June. Then CSS3 In-Depth in July and we just locked down teachers for our upcoming BackboneJS and AngularJS workshops (announcement coming soon).

      For Node.JS, we have landed a partnership with Codeschool to make their Node.JS course available to our existing members since many like you have asked for Node.JS and it currently isn’t on our roadmap.

      At the end of the day you can always unsubscribe and subscribe again when we have content that’s interesting to you. Thanks for reaching out Andrew!

  5. hi,i know only c and data structures and core java.i wnt to learn web design i already started backend with java,how your course would benefit me.i donot have any prior understanding of js,html, should i go for frontend development through ur course

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