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What is the difference between a workshop and a course?

Workshops are live events where members can participate and ask questions in the chatroom. Replays of these events are available in unedited form until they get edited into our final course format. The final course is broken into sections and lessons and has additional enhancements such as annotations containing useful links.

How long does it take for a course to be released?

Workshops take about one month to be edited and released as a full course.

Can courses be downloaded?

Members can download courses with our Android and iOS apps, which are ideal for mobile and offline learning.

What does v2, v3, etc. mean in a course name?

A higher version (v) denotes a newer version. You may skip the previous versions of the course since they are complete replacements of the original.

Where can I submit my questions about the code in a given course?

When hovering over the video player, you’ll notice a bullhorn icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Clicking on the icon will launch the Feedback feature, allowing you to ask questions or leave feedback about a specific part of the lesson.

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How often do you update your courses?

A course is updated once there is a fundamental shift in the language or library’s underlying API. You can check our workshop list to see if a new version of a given course is on the schedule. You may also write to us as with suggestions for updates.

Is there a forum to discuss the courses?

Join our Discord community for community hangouts and chatting with like-minded developers! Visit My Account -> Apps to connect your Discord account to join our official chat community!

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