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Matt explains that fully understanding geometries and their properties helps optimize a scene's potential, and opens up an example showing how multiple lights interact with a material.


Transcript from the "Light & Scene Wrap Up" Lesson

>> I'm gonna sort of park this demo to the side. There's tons more we could still do to this if we wanted to get into more lighting. We wanted to maybe make this like burning sun, or starting to make like glows around the earth or something like that, maybe introducing rim lighting.

But what we're gonna do instead is we're gonna introduce some more, some slightly more advanced concepts around geometry. So one of the things about this course today is that it's not so much just creating things, but it's also trying to understand how this pipeline works. And so this next little exercise is gonna be a little bit less interesting visually speaking, because we're just gonna create a simple geometry.

But the more we understand that, the more we can create these interesting visuals. And so if we go to the demos, you'll see we sort of covered these first for light material mesh groups. And this lighter material demo, actually, you might wanna just pop it open just to see how it's using multiple lights.

And the two lights are just different colors. And so when those two lights combine, it creates this nice sort of effect. And you can also use different colors in the light parameter here. And the actual movement, this has to do with cosine and stuff like that.

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