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ThePrimeagen installs the MetaMask browser extension. When the private key is imported and the localhost test network is selected, the extension will show the current Ethereum balance and track any activity.

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Transcript from the "Setup MetaMask Extension" Lesson

>> I'm sure, you're also thinking this is going too fast, too much coconut oil. Of course free range organic coconut oil that is, but we're going deeper, okay? So the thing what I need you to do now, is I need you to get the metamask extension for your browser.

[00:00:12] So, metamask is a wallet extension that is very, very common. I would call it the quote unquote de facto standard. So just download it, install it, create an account. This will be a test account. Make sure you put that in your head. This is a test account. So make a silly password.

[00:00:28] Get ready to delete this and not use it for any sort of real items. If you ever do a real contract later on, create a fresh account, make sure you have all the credentials saved. You don't wanna lose anything because last thing you want is to create the greatest NFT in the world that you cannot have any money for.

[00:00:45] Or the greatest contract in the world that's not an NFT and you can't do anything with it. Second, you need a positive attitude don't forget that very important and also third consider watching my other suite courses on front end, alright? So I'll give you guys a couple moments to create an account it should take about three minutes to create the account.

>> Should I use my metamask account?
>> You can use your metamask account, if you already have one, go for it because we're going to be primarily dealing in localhost. So you'll just be adding that it's just I always I have a big warning because I have 12 Bitcoin locked away currently I know half million know nothing like a half mil locked away forever.

[00:01:31] But if you're not careful with these pieces of software, you'll accidentally screw yourself. So when you're doing something for test, just remember, that mark it down and if you ever use it again. Create a new one, it's just how I live my life, one mistake at a time that is.

[00:01:49] So hey by popular demand I have added what I've been typing thus far. And I am pushing it up to a repo so you can go to ThePrimeagen/jpgdegens which will have each step along the way so we've done our first commit which is at the deploy script right here.

[00:02:06] So you can actually go to the scripts and go and check out, say hello. This is where we were at right here. And so as I do each step, I'll also deploy it. And if there's any missing code from within here, I'll try to add it as we go along.

[00:02:20] So hopefully everyone got etamask ,got an account started. Second, you got a positive attitude. And third, you bookmarked perhaps these other courses. All right, awesome .All right so let's import the test account from our little Aetherium network that's running on our computer into metamask. So I may actually accidentally already have that done.

[00:02:42] I'm gonna type in my seat. Yeah, I forgot this is my, I made this one on stream so it has a fairly inappropriate password. Because that's how you do things around here. And so this is my Rinkeby test network. And so if I go to my local host one here, I'm gonna just remove this account, so we can go through together.

[00:03:01] So we're gonna go to our node. We're gonna go up to say you can pick any of these accounts you would like. I'm gonna pick the first account. I'm gonna copy out the private key. I'm going to go back to metamask. I'm gonna now go in here and I'm gonna click this top little circular icon and go import account.

[00:03:22] I'm gonna paste in the private key and press Import. And so there we go we have now imported in that one. Second, I'm gonna go to this little network, you may be on the main net, you may be on some test net I'm gonna go down to localhost.

[00:03:36] And when I do that, you'll see right away, I am loaded. Lots of Aetherium going on, but it's not quite 10,000, right? That's it. It always hurts when you almost lose a comma. But what actually happened here is when we deployed our Hello World contract, I had to spend some of my Etherium that is why I'm not perfectly at 10,000, I'm at point 9999.

[00:03:58] There we go. So now we have one of our tech accounts inside of our metamask plugin, so fantastic. So everyone hopefully gets caught up here, make sure you're local host, that's very important. So if you don't see your money in there, it's because you're probably not pointing to the local host Environment for Metamask.

>> We have to say you test network screw?
>> Maybe if that's probably something I forgot that at some point I've yeah, there's a view testing network thing step that I guess I've done it so many times I forgot that was the first step. So if you got tripped up there, my fault, I'm sorry