JavaScript Performance

Reducing Parsing Times Exercise

Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney

JavaScript Performance

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While Optimize, which is JS file that tries to use a heuristic to reduce parsing times, is great tool for impacting performance, it's effectiveness varies across libraries and browsers. In this exercise, students set up and test Opitmize in with different browsers and JS libraries.


Transcript from the "Reducing Parsing Times Exercise" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: So what we're gonna do is a little experiment together. It turns out that Nolan Lawson, who made this neat library, has a little application where you can kind of go ahead and try it out in some different browsers. Different browsers with different libraries. So what I want you to do is we're gonna go to this website and we're gonna take it for a spin.

You're gonna spend about five minutes doing this. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna open it up, we're going to try out some different libraries. But what I'd also like you to do is try it in some different browsers, right? And then we'll talk about what we noticed in about five minutes.

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