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JavaScript Performance Takeaways

Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney

JavaScript Performance

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>> Steve Kinney: Large takeaways from this entire section. All these are immediately cool, but I'm going to give you a pro tip at the end of this course. None of these are as cool as just shifting less JavaScript to the browser. Right, because the less JavaScript you shift, the less any of this stuff matters.

Right, but the user timing API, the performance mark and performance measure, that can be super useful in your real world applications. You can go ahead, and you can drop that in right now, right, into parts of your application that you're suspicious of being slow, right? You can do the recording, you can see that larger I saw, and then you can actual actions, cuz you know your code better than v8 does right.

You can go ahead and drop that end and you can actually meter how long is this taking. You can do a thing, like, that was cool for a start of time but maybe the slow thing is dragging and dropping something in your application, like updating the thing. You can actually use a timing if you have to find out how low is this, is this where the hurt is?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. And then, finally we saw that maybe using a type system gives you performance gains for free. I think that's really helpful as well. Very cool. Let's break for lunch. And then we'll actually get into the browser and see how everything we saw JavaScript.

How does this interact with HTML and CSS and the dom and all that crazy stuff. We'll actually see how web pages are born. A stork actually brings them to the browser, it's very cool. From the cloud, it descends out of the cloud and brings them, it's very cool.

All right.

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