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Build tools can help automate best practices for delivering performant web applications.

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Transcript from the "Introduction to Using Build Tools" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: So one kind of final topic is we've been kind of dancing around this idea of using your build tools to help you. And our build tools have a lot of good things and bad things. The best part is that they're automated. Going through, we saw Optimizely which can use the heuristics to try to maybe speed up your code.

[00:00:22] We even saw Babble low dash has the ability to go in there and do the code shaking, the tree shaking to not bring in parts of low dash that you don't need right? We've seen that tools can do a lot of these things, and a lot of times if you can automate something, you're gonna do it better than if you try to do it by hand.

[00:00:39] Convince your entire team to do it by hand and never mess up, right? So there's a lot of great tools for that. This one's called Purify CSS and it's really great cuz what it does is it looks like your CSS file and it strips out all the CSS that you're not actually using.

[00:00:54] We talked about that in the render ed performance section. Hey, if you have less CSS, you can do the selector matching faster. You can go through and fine-tune it by hand, right? That's an option. And you'll probably do a better job than this tool would, but also the risk of messing it up, the fact that you actually have to do it, the fact you have to keep it up to date, right?

[00:01:18] There are tools that can kinda help us.