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Perceived Performance Exercise

Web Performance Fundamentals

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Students are instructed to open an incognito or private browser window and rank four websites based on their perceived performance. Rankings can be placed in the Performance Comparison Worksheet.


Transcript from the "Perceived Performance Exercise" Lesson

>> But what does fast mean? And so this is gonna bring us to our first exercise. Now in the materials that I posted in chat, and as available on the website, there is a performance comparison worksheet. Now this is a Google Sheets. You're gonna wanna take a copy of this so you can edit it, and it shows you four websites.

Let's have a look at that. It shows you four websites, NPR, CNN, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. These are all new sites of with varying levels of how they make money. NPR being a publicly funded organization, CNN being almost purely advertising funded New York Times and Wall Street Journal being various mixes of subscription and advertising.

And each of them has taken a slightly different approach in how their website is designed. Before we dig into metrics, I want to know what you think these websites are. And so I'd like you to open up a incognito window in Chrome and visit each of these sites.

Kind of scroll through it, see what you think and rank these sites, one to four, one being the fastest and four being the slowest. Take a minute or two or five to do that. And then we're going to come back and we're going to talk about what those scores mean.

If you're unable to edit, remember that you need to make a copy of the worksheet into your own Google Drive or whatever before you're gonna be able to edit it.

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