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Todd Gardner introduces the Web Performance course which focuses on understanding web performance metrics, improving the performance of real-world applications, and how to include performance planning at the beginning of a project.


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>> Today we are gonna be talking about improving web performance. And what that means is that we're gonna look at some real world techniques on how to make your performance experience better for both your users and for Google. So that you can get better search rankings and more people visiting your site.

Today's course is gonna be split into three parts. In the first part, we're gonna talk about understanding web performance and what does it mean? We're gonna talk about the metrics that we're gonna use. We're gonna talk about the old metrics that people used to use and the new metrics that are emerging.

We're gonna talk about how to measure them and what these different things mean. In part two, we're gonna focus on actually improving those metrics. We're gonna look at some real world techniques that you can use today to improve each individual metric. And we're gonna focus on which tactics improve which metrics so that you can to try and fine tune what you need to work on for your application.

And then part three, we're gonna wrap up, and we're gonna talk about some planning. So how do you bring performance into your project and not make it something that is an afterthought? How do you make performance something that you bring forward and is part of your overall application development cycle?

Who am I? I am Todd Gardner, on most online sites, you'll find me with the handle @ToddHGardner, which is really mysterious. I'm very anonymous on the internet. I'm a software developer and entrepreneur. I've been writing web applications for probably longer than I care to admit right now. And often I've taken those applications and I found a way to solve real world problems with them and turn them into businesses.

I'm nearby where the front end masters headquarters. I'm in Stillwater which is about 30 minutes away from all these fine people. When I'm not doing this, I work a lot with a couple of different products. The first is track js. It's a JavaScript error monitoring tool. So make some better JavaScript.

And more recently, I've been working a lot with a product called Request metrics. Which is monitoring real user performance and simplifying those numbers down. I've also been here before, I have another course in the Frontend Masters catalogue called Debugging and Fixing Common JavaScript Errors. Where we dive in and look at real bugs and how to fix them and how to use the tools.

So if you like my style and what we're doing, you should check out my other course.

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