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Brian concludes the JavaScript section of this course by outlining a few advanced JavaScript topics that aren’t covered in this course.

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Transcript from the "Additional JavaScript Topics" Lesson

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>> Brian Holt: Things that we haven't covered here, there's another type of loop called while loops or do while loops. If you're coming from another language, they should look really familiar. I use maybe one a month, or one every other month. So, the basic gist of it is that you loop until something is true, right?

[00:00:26] That's kind of the basic gist. It's essentially an if statement that keeps repeating itself until it's true.
>> Brian Holt: Until it's false rather anyway. We're not talking about inheritance like if you're coming from a language like Java or from like C++, something that we call like a classical inheritance language, that might be a pattern you're very familiar with, it's used very seldom in JavaScript.

[00:00:55] It usually it causes more heartache than it's worth, so I tend to stray away from it. I write very little inheritance in JavaScript. But it does exist, it is different though. We didn't talk about switch statements. Switch statements are essentially if statements that are kind of condensed down.

[00:01:14] Like if you, it's rather than having if this, else if, else if, else if, you can write a switch statement. It's like if it's this, if it's this, if it's this, if it's this, so. We didn't talk, there's so much interacting with the DOM, which is the document object model.

[00:01:29] We're about to get into that. We did document dot write as interacting with the DOM, like you're modifying what is the webpage. But there is so much to it and it's just like a, I'm sure there can be a whole front end master's class on it. We didn't get into newer ES6 sytax, let was the question we asked yesterday.

[00:01:53] It's coming forward, it's not actually available right now. So it's not useful for a beginner type class. Just tons more. JavaScript has been around since the 90s. So there's a lot to it. This is just, again, scratching the surface. But we have given you the basic tool set to be like a beginning JavaScript developer, you can go forward with these and do awesome stuff.