Complete Intro to Web Development, v3

HTML Project Runthrough

Brian Holt

Brian Holt

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Complete Intro to Web Development, v3

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Brian walks through one possible example of a completed HTML project.


Transcript from the "HTML Project Runthrough" Lesson

>> Let's go over my example of how I did this, which to say is not necessarily is the most correct way. There's infinitely correct ways of doing this. I'm just gonna show you the way that I chose to do it. So again click here on Brian's blog at the bottom of the HTML project.

You'll get this, and if you click View Page Source you can see, How I chose to do it. So I have an h1 here with Brian's blog. I don't have any classes here. You very likely could have and should have put classes in here. Because we're not doing CSS, I didn't necessarily do that, but you definitely could have.

All right, looks like I did put in some. So I have a section here for the intro, I have a section here for the blog posts. A couple of paragraphs of introduction, an h2 intro here, blog posts here. And then I have a bunch of articles of blog posts, right, with the images, h3s and h4s.

And I repeat that the same kinda structure for each article and blog post kind of thing. That's it. That was the homepage of the blog. And then if we go to the About page, same kind of thing. Brian's blog about me, a link back to Brian's blog. A couple of paragraphs of who I am, some fun facts.

This is true. I once ate a burrito with the band sugarcoat and I don't even like sugarcoat. But the burrito was pretty good, so I was okay with it. And I won my first gaming tournament. I was six cuz I beat someone that didn't know how to play Sonic and Knuckles, and I did.

Another fun fact. Pinnacles of Brian's achievements there. Anyway, that's it. That's really the extent of what writing HTML looks like. It's a lot of this, nesting tags inside of tags. Now, some of like what's dictating and the reasons why I'm nesting it in such a way that, like I'm putting things together in the same boxes, it's gonna make a lot of sense once we get into the CSS portion, which we're about to.

So I'm trying to teach you good practices now that are gonna lead to better practices later.

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