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Use a Web Component Exercise

Web Components

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Students are instructed to use a web component. For a list of possible web components, visit the awesome-standalones repository.


Transcript from the "Use a Web Component Exercise" Lesson

>> Okay, are we ready for our first coding challenge? Okay, the first coding challenge, use a web component, that's it. Open up a code pen, an HTML file on your local computer, find one you can pull one from awesome standalones. You can pull one from Lyon web designer, wharever you want, I've given you a whole bunch of my favorites.

Your job in the next 15 minutes, I know you're sweating, it's gonna be down to the wire. Find a web component, somewhere on the Internet, and use it, try and use it. There's even some cool ones if you go into the pull request for the awesome stand alones.

There's some year old pull requests I haven't merged and so there's still there's really good options in there, as well so yeah.

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