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Dave Rupert begins the course by sharing some links to web component resources and community groups. This course is for anyone currently using web components or interested in learning more about web components or component systems.


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>> My talk is called HTML with Superpowers. It's gonna be kind of an intro to intermediate sort of area of web components. And I'm Dave Rupert, and that's kinda what you need to know right now. A little bit about me, just links if you need them. I work at a company called Paravel, we're based in Austin, Texas.

I've been working on an app for about the last six months called Luro. And I have a blog, it has an RSS feed. I have a podcast with Chris Coyier, formerly of CSS-Tricks, called Shop Talk Show. We have a YouTube over at youtube.com/shoptalkshow. I run my mouth on Twitter.

I put bad code up on GitHub and CodePen. Please mute your headphones or wear headphones if you go to my CodePen profile. And I'm involved in a group called Open UI, where I'm doing web components and I'm in the web components community group. Which is just a W3C group, anyone can join, I'm just a member, I'm really not anything special.

I'm just a participant. So and then kind of the housekeeping for this course. I have course links, there's a whole guidebook up at htmlwithsuperpowers.netlify.app. These slides here are at slideswithsuperpowers.netlify.app. And then I have some web component links. The first one is to the web components community group site.

Then the web components community group GitHub, which has a lot of repos and kind of upcoming specs that the community is kind of advocating for. And then Open Web Components is .org, openwc.org is a really great resource for just learning web components. They have a lot of materials and tools.

lit.dev is, lit is a web component library and they also have tutorials and all kinds of things educational stuff there. And then, of course, Mozilla MDN has a web components section worth checking out. So let's tell you who this course is for. It's for developers who are evaluating web components.

If you're kind of in a position where you have to choose technology or you're just interested in trying to figure out what they are, do they fit into what you're doing, do they fit into your workflow? This is for you. Developers forced to use web components. I think there's some in this room.

[LAUGH] And you're just kind of got thrown into a job and they told you, you have to use this. No, this is for you. People interested in web components, maybe you just heard about them, or you have a passing interest and you're not particularly motivated, but you're just interested.

People interested in components systems. Design systems are a big deal right now, this is a way to build one. And so if you like component systems you might like this. People interested in component systems but don't really like Java Script frameworks. This would also be kind of in your alley here.

And anyone who makes websites, really, because it's part of the web.

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