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Matt discusses some links and provides a section on the course repository for further reading about web audio including GitHub pages that collect web audio resources, math, learning audio, fun web audio sites, and tools.


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>> In the repo I've got tons of other links here. There's a few GitHub pages that also collect lots of links around Web Audio and one of the, if we go to awesome-web-audio here. One of the things worth highlighting maybe is some of the resources here. One of the great ones is the Web Audio weekly newsletter, pretty much every week or more or less.

I think it's Chris, yeah, Chris Lewis is putting out these newsletters around Web Audio and what's happening in sort of the Web Audio space. And if you're interested in Web Audio and just continuing to explore this, it's this really vast space. And Chris has been putting together links in terms of finding all the things on the web that are happening here.

And there's tons, it's hard to just encompass all the different work that's going on. Because what I've been exploring today is much more on the visualization side and sort of synthesis and sort of maybe the more art side. But then there's a lot of tools in terms of MIDI sequencers and in terms of DJ tools and VJ tools and modular synthesis tools happening with the web.

And it really is this massive rabbit hole that I feel I've just been very gently scratching the surface of. So I would definitely recommend checking out some of these links and just diving into to seeing what else there is within this Web Audio space.

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