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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> Luke Ruebbelke: All right, so let's wrap this up. We can revisit routers a little bit more tomorrow. We're gonna have a bonus challenge, not a bonus challenge, but a review challenge in the morning. One of the first things we're gonna do, we're gonna just get back in, we're gonna review everything that we've done.

[00:00:13] So it's gonna be kind of a light version of this and then we're gonna get into component driven architecture. But do we feel like we at least have an idea of how to create a component in Angular 2? Because if you understand that, and you understand how to navigate to it.

[00:00:33] So in a sense, this is a website. You could generate very quickly a really simple Angular 2 website and we know how to do this. And this is actually useful functionality. So I recommend everybody go have something delicious for dinner. Just think about the patterns, think about one at a high level master detail and what that means, because literally, every line of business app I've ever seen is a variation of this.

[00:01:09] Even if you go to like Pinterest or like this crazy for things, you're still looking at a collection of object that you want to manipulate whether I want to pin this, I wanna favorite it, whatever. You go to Facebook, same thing, it's a collection of objects, whether it's status updates or whatever, that are you seeing, that you can then interact with.

>> Luke Ruebbelke: Slack, Gmail, everything, it's a list of something, or a collection of objects that you need to interact with in a meaningful way. Start there, look at some of the projects you're working. Think of how you could apply it, and then, really break it down to the essence of a basic component and how you would start to express it in those terms.