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>> Lukas: All right everybody. Welcome to Learn to Build Awesome Apps with Angular 2. So what this is, is actually an update to a previous version of this workshop that we did a few months ago. But whereas with the previous version, there were still things kind of in flux.

[00:01:00] So for instance, the router as we knew it then, has now been completely redone. The forms API is different, and with ngModel, when I actually saw that I kind of just cried a little tear, because I realized that actually at that point, the previous Angular 2 Frontend Masters workshop was a little bit I think, broken at that point.

[00:01:22] That was a very breaking change. And so Mark, thankfully, has agreed to let me come back and update the workshop. And I'm of the opinion that Angular 2, as it gets stable, just gets better and better. The Angular core team is actually really really responsive to listening to the development community.

[00:01:43] And these are the things that we need. These are the problems that we need. Weighing it across all the use cases and implementing it. So I'm gonna make actually, I'm gonna go off script a bit, just a little commentary real quick. So this is I believe, as Mark said, my fifth front-end masters.

[00:01:59] And I think that we are in one of the best communities in the world as developers, that we have, I don't know, almost 140 people around the world. And as I'm traveling different places, it's phenomenal to me. I'm always just completely humbled when somebody comes up and says, hey I learned Angular 2 or I learned Angular, rather, from your fun in Masters workshop, and this is what I'm doing now for a living.

[00:02:27] And so when I was actually in London a few weeks ago for Angular Connect, a young man from Ukraine came up. His name was Roman, he said hey, if Miško is the godfather of Angular, you are the godfather or my career because I basically sit, I watch Frontend Masters, and basically I learned Angular and now this is what I do for a living.

[00:02:47] And so when you kind of hear that, and so right now we're kind of in this space where we're just hanging out and talking about something that I really like. But when you hear these stories about actually changing people's careers, their lives. That to me is what it's really all about.

[00:03:02] I think when you do workshops, when you kind of put yourself out there a bit, to get in front of people and talk about things, it's always a bit unnerving. But then when that value comes back when somebody says hey, I found this valuable and I was able to use the same information, then you know that to me makes it all worth it.

[00:03:20] So Roman if you're listening, I love you buddy. And on top of that speaking of value I'll just say this, this may end up on a new promo video, is that when we equate the value of knowledge, especially in this field, that what is one good technique that helps do your job better.

[00:03:40] And I was talking to John Lindquist, we were out there doing some training and talking about how people put value of different things, and I made the statement I said John, if somebody offer me $10,000 in cash or the opportunity to spend one day learning from you, Well I would spend the day learning with you.

[00:03:57] Because then I could take that knowledge, make $10,000 over and over and over. And so when I look at Mark with your basic MBM member, for basically your monthly membership. But then you have all the workshops. And really what that means, so he told me I'm like my goodness, $40 for all the workshops, just the live workshops?

[00:04:18] That's pretty incredible. And so, thumbs up for that, Mark. I know it's courageous. I'm super excited. And so I can't wait to finish these workshops, so that I can start attending other live workshops. Jaafar Hussein in particular, I love you.