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In this challenge, you will create a widgets service class and a widgets collection. After introducing the challenge, Lukas spends a few minutes answering some audience questions.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 5" Lesson

>> Lukas Ruebbelke: Are we starting to see how this is kind of starting to fit together? Classes, metadata, they stack on each other. We use, essentially, modules to kind of bind this together. So again, classes, modules, they're just organizational mechanisms that allow us to expose properties and methods. The metadatas will be used to really, kind of, bind it together, and tell Angular like this what we wanna do.

[00:00:34] And from there we use kind of modules to organize it. And then we can use routes to kind of separate high level features.
>> Lukas Ruebbelke: Okay, I think we are going to do a code challenge and then we will see how far we get. And then we'll decide our next steps.

[00:00:55] I may just take a moment and actually talk about change detection. And we'll pick up router in the morning, we'll see. All right,
>> Lukas Ruebbelke: My this is basically almost exactly what I just did. So you have the widgets collection, I like for you to extract it out to a widget service.

[00:01:31] Then expose the widgets service and consume the widgets service. And then make sure you can display the collection. So essentially it will work like it always did. But maybe update the collection and the service so you can verify that it is loading.