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In this brief exercise, you will fix HTML elements with the proper HTML5 elements.

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Transcript from the "Exercise 4: Semantic HTML" Lesson

>> Jon Kuperman: So yeah, the next exercise is just a quick one. And this I think would be, I have an example for it of there's the Semantic HTML page, which is just not using Semantic HTML. So, it's just looking at the website and you can use your screen reader if you want to listen to how it's interpreted and change it that way, or just look at the code and just try to figure out, are the headings correct?

[00:00:21] Are we using the right tags? Different things like that. But I also think this one works really well to go out if you have a personal project or a company project or whatever and serious kinda start thinking about, are you using divs all over the place, how are your headings, how are your different things like that?

[00:00:37] So yeah, it should be pretty straightforward. Just, yeah, just going over looking at ARIA roles and looking at the elements and making sure that they're the appropriate one.