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An exercise examines integrating proper HTML coding to let screen readers make a web page more accessible.

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Transcript from the "Exercise 3: Screen Reader" Lesson

>> Jon Kuperman: The third exercise is a screen reader one. So basically what I would maybe challenge you to do, if you have headphones, you could download ChromeVox and actually do it listening to it with your screen dimmed all the way. That would be like the super challenge mode, can you fill out the whole form?

[00:00:17] If you don't have headphones, though, feel free to just have ChromeVox on with your laptop muted and it'll read everything, it'll print everything out in the bottom left. And so the idea here, let me go over to my project, is we've got this screen reader example, so we've got the sign up for our mailing list.

[00:00:37] And so what we want, first I guess, turn on the screen reader and identify why this would be challenging to fill out for non sighted users. And then kind of going through, covering just the stuff that we covered. And make it so that it can be filled out by an non sighted user with just a screen reader.

[00:00:51] Additionally if you're on a Mac, which I see many of the people in person are, you don't have to download ChromeVox if you just wanna turn on VoiceOver and try that instead, which is built into your Macs. But totally up to you, ChromeVox is just nice cuz it's free and everybody can use it.