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Jon reviews

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Transcript from the "Accessibility Auditing 2" Lesson

>> Speaker 1: So we implemented talking about menus, and in particular, keyboard navigation. So if you go to and you begin to tab into the interface where you begin to highlight-
>> Jon Kuperman: Look at that skip link, everybody.
>> Speaker 1: Yeah. [LAUGH]
>> Jon Kuperman: There's two, skip to navigation, skip to main content, that's awesome.

[00:00:20] Skip to footer.
>> Speaker 1: All right, if you head into highlight coffee or tea, and if you hit the Enter key, it should open it. And then as you hit Tab, it will begin to navigate through. But if you hit Escape, it will pull you out of it, so you can continue along.

>> Jon Kuperman: Yeah, this is a great example, this is what I was trying to say. So yeah, by default, it will hide all those children, so you can tab through like normal, this is great. And then you hit Enter and it changes that focus and now you're tabbing through here.

[00:00:47] This is a really great example, and then I can hit Escape and go back, that's awesome.
>> Jon Kuperman: I like seeing these, it's always fun. I never knew skip links were a thing until I started doing accessibility work, and now I see them all over. I'm like, skip link, that's great.

[00:01:04] [LAUGH] They're cool.