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Divya wraps up by explaining that more information and examples can be found in the code repo and links to articles about managing state in Vue 3.


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>> This is the conclusion of the workshop. Again, I'd like to highlight that there is a repo with a lot of resources. Frontend Masters-UX, it has all of the code. I'll make sure that any updates that I need to make are propagated. But it has all the things that I use.

So it has the view Chrome Dev Tools which are incredibly handy. Again, I stress super handy, as well as the slides, which I used in this particular course. There's also some bonus content which I didn't really talk about because we ran out of time. But View3 is coming soon, maybe when this gets released.

I don't know. But there is a debate within the View community about whether you need Vuex with View3 because View3 allows you to extrapolate reactivity, and so on. So I have some bonus material in there, if that interests you in any way, the exercises are there. And so yeah, and with that, thank you so much for attending and asking questions, and everything.

And yeah, that's all I have.

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