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>> This is intro to state management with Vuex. In this course, we'll go over introductory Vuex concepts and then we'll work our way through more advanced things. But before moving forward, my name is Divya. I'm a developer experience engineer at a company called Netlify. And I am on twitter @shortdiv if that's your thing.

And I'm really excited to teach you this workshop because I really love Vue. It's a framework that I use quite often. And Vuex is obviously the state management choice for when you use Vue. Before we begin, we have a couple of things that I wanted to just show you.

So for this particular course, all of the slides as well as the code is available on GitHub. So if you go to this particular link, which is, that has all the slides, all the code and exercises we're going over. As well as some resources that will be useful for you like Vue CLI, which is something that I use Vue Dev tools as well, which is inspector tools and so on.

And you can find a lot of this that I refer to like the code tools within the GitHub repo as well. So, for this particular course, I'll be using a mixture of Codepen and VS Code. I put Code Sandbox in there, I won't be using it much, but some of the code that I show will be on Code Sandbox, just as a way of showing you what it looks like at the end result.

Cool, so as I mentioned, this is an intro to Vuex course but I'm also kind of diving deeper towards the end of the course into more advanced concepts. But here's a high level of what we're gonna go over. We're gonna cover the fundamentals of Vuex. So what is state management, why you would use Vuex.

And then we'll dive further into how you use Vuex and Vue, so particularly with single file components. And then we will use Vue with Vuex with Vue Router. We'll use modules, we'll do plugins, we'll normalize state and then we'll also like compose Vuex. So using actions and so on.

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