TypeScript and Vue 3


Ben Hong

Ben Hong

TypeScript and Vue 3

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Transcript from the "Introduction" Lesson

>> Welcome, everyone to Typescript and Vue. I'm excited to have you all here today as we dive right in. So to kick things off, a little bit about me. So little fun fact, I really love going to amusement parks. And one of the things that's been great since the things have started calming down as far as pandemic and stuff is.

We can go back so I've been to Universal Studios. This is not a recent photo, but if you're looking for me I'm the guy way in the back. This is on the Universal Studios Orlando, the Jurassic Park right where you just dive 80 feet, it's an absolute blast.

So if you ever get a chance to be sure to check that out. But the Universal Studio in LA they redid it with the Jurassic world. So highly recommend it if you're in the area, so check that out. But a fun facts aside, a little bit about me, for those who aren't familiar with my work.

I'm a senior staff developer experience engineer at Netlify, I'm on the Vue Core team which where some of you may know me from. So we'll do a lot of stuff in open source as well as the Nuxt Ambassador. So if you're not aware there's also the Nuxt free workshop coming up in a couple of days.

So if you wanna learn about that be sure to join us for that as well. I'll have to teach on Vue Mastery, and I'm also a Google Developer expert. It sounds like everyone they're excited to learn about the thing that I designed the workshop for, [LAUGH] which is getting you up and running with Typescript and vue, because it's been kind of a tricky journey for vue.

We'll talk a little bit about that. But today we'll go through the ins and outs and hopefully, yeah, get a lot done. All right, so as far as the workshop format for today. So, basically, when I teach workshops, I follow these sort of three principles as far as the recipe.

Which is we start by learning the concept, we question, basically, figuring out what things really are so you all can ask questions, and then we get to apply it, and I think this is the key step. So just to kind of give some more examples, when we're learning I'm gonna be giving some explanations examples of how things actually work, as you can see that live.

Then of course if anyone has any questions about what I just demoed or just needs to dive in a little bit deeper, this is where we can do that. And then as always with the workshops, you get a chance to actually get a hands on experience that. Cuz after all, how many of us have read books, watch video courses and then when it comes to actually applying it, it's an entirely separate matter?

So this entire course as we go through things, you'll get lots of chances to be hands on with the code. So as much as humanly possible, please try to actually do the exercises along with us. We will be doing solutions, so don't worry if you're feeling a little bit lost, but yeah that'll be a key part of the workshop.

And finally as a reminder before we get started is that, all code is compromised. So a lot of things I'll be telling you about are basically just things that I've observed, they're not necessary best practices in terms of this is how you should always do things. And so I encourage you to, whether it's question or disagree with the things I'm saying, because after all your opinion and experience matters.

And at the end of the day, you and your team are the one maintaining your code base, and it's important to respect that at the end of the day.

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