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Watchers Exercise

Introduction to Vue 3

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Students are instructed to use a watcher to modify the value of a given method.


Transcript from the "Watchers Exercise" Lesson

>> Exercise time, your favorite time. So, in this and there's a couple different ways that you can build this, but I want you to pay attention to the set timeout in here. So if we say, where is my taco? Then you have a button that says Click me to order a taco.

Click that button and it changes that, to a taco with an exclamation point. And then we had a set quickly set timeout for a second your order was submitted and then it went away. Now, what I want to make sure that you do, during this exercise is use a watcher somewhere.

So use a watcher at some point to change one of the values. So you can also use a method for other things. You can also use a conditional or whatever you want, but use a watcher somewhere. If we look at the code pen we have button at click, get taco click me to order a taco and the h2 is where is my taco.

We have our order status right now is no or as an empty string and the order submitted is no. And I gave you the method of get taco but I didn't put anything inside of it. So you have to figure out what you're gonna put inside of there.

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