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Challenge 5: VS Code Tune-Up

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In this challenge, students demonstrate that they can customize the VS Code editor.


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>> Mike North: So the next exercise, and I'm actually gonna go through it and solve this right away cuz we do have a couple more little steps here and I don't want us to get in the weeds here. But what we're gonna do is we're gonna tune our editor and I've given you a couple background colors and things to add in your customizations.

And I've challenged you to define your own syntax highlighting scheme using as a basis for this. So if we click on this, you can see you have a variety of different color schemes to pick from.
>> Mike North: Do we need Flash for this? No we don't, thankfully. So, if you are at a loss as to what colors look good together against a dark background, this might be a good place to start.

Where you could use some of these as inspiration for different things that would make sense in a single pallete.
>> Mike North: I'm gonna ask you to disable the minimap, disable the indent guides, which are those things that show you, this is one tab, this is two tabs, various levels of indent.

And then we're gonna add a place holder image for basically adding, if you've never used, it will give you an image of prescribed dimensions. But we're gonna have two little place holders in there that will let us just type in ph, tab, and then, 300 tab, 200, and we'll have an image tag that matches our particular dimensions.

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