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Paul concludes the course by sharing a few key takeaways around testing.


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>> So let's wrap that one up as well and just cover the key takeaways there testing is the key to improving conversion. Yeah if you can only take away one thing from today focus on testing, gain those real users using the site and watching what they're doing and how they're behaving on the website.

You will learn way more than you will from any course like this I can teach you all the techniques in the world but nothing is gonna compete testing your design in the real world. Secondly, testing post launch is most important of all that's when you're getting people behaving the most naturally an AB testing.

And testing a prototype and that iteration really is absolutely invaluable to the whole process. And then also and I probably didn't emphasize this enough testing regularly leads to even better results so don't just do this once but test regularly. For example in Steve crude second book which was rocket surgery made easy he proposes doing monthly testing on your website.

Just to stay on top of it to keep tweaking and keep pushing that conversion rate up over time. And he talks about doing that through facilitated remote usability testing using something like zoom. But you could do it with facilitated testing, you could do it with surveys, you could do it with first click test any of the different approaches that I've talked about today.

But it's getting into that habit of testing regularly that's how you really improve your conversion rate over the long term. And I would encourage you to use both quantitative and qualitative forms of testing so what do I mean by that? Don't just rely on AB testing the whole time but also make sure you're actually occasionally talking to real users and watching real users interacting with the website.

Because that's when you get insights into their mindset and their thinking that really kind of helps you come up with the best solutions in all of that. So really that's pretty much all I wanna say for today that if there's any final questions from the people watching live I'd love to answer them.

By hopefully I've inspired you a little bit that there is enormous potential to improve the conversion rate of websites in a very systematic way. This isn't magic it's about a basic understanding of psychology following some basic rules. And also, I'm hoping to have encouraged you a little bit out of your comfort zone to start exploring things like copy creation.

And design as well, because even as developers with your own specialism, you still got value to bring to those other fields. Because those other disciplines, then they're not necessarily experts or writing for the web they're not necessarily experts in conversion rate optimization. And you can bring stuff to that conversation and encourage people to think in terms of incrementally improving conversion rather than launch it once and walk away.

Which is still the mentality that so many people have with websites so let's just get it live and move on to the next project and really a successful website is a lot more than that.
>> Dennis just wants to say thank you it's been very interesting.
>> Excellent well I mean I'm very conscious that this whole presentation is a little bit above and beyond the stuff that you normally cover.

But it is a part of the front end experience, your front end masters and that's not just about front end coding that's the front end experience. So I'm hoping that the people watching have found it valuable and inspired them a little bit.

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