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>> Bianca Gandolfo: We are gonna wrap up. I had fun hanging out with all of you today and talking about grass and trees for many, many hours. And some further resources, Brian Holt also has a CS class here on Frontend Masters. And there's always Geeks for Geeks. Cracking the Coding Interview.

[00:00:21] and Pramp are pretty cool for getting interview help. So for, you actually interview with companies, which is kinda cool. It's anonymous, so if you fail, no one knows. But if it works out, you might actually get moved on to the next round of interviews. So that's kinda cool,

And then Pramp is like a peer-to-peer interview practice site, where you and a peer can interview each other and give each other feedback. And by a peer, it's like a random person on the internet. Not someone who's judging you for work, necessarily. Yeah, and that's it. Special thanks to my husband, Chris.

And a couple of my friends who helped me proofread this, who helped me with the solutions, and things like that. And also, if you like the comics and illustrations, you can follow these people on Instagram. They're pretty cool, and were really nice to let me use them.
>> Bianca Gandolfo: All right, thank you.

>> Speaker 2: [APPLAUSE]

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