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Transcript from the "Course Project Overview" Lesson

>> Kent C. Dodds: Let's go ahead and look at what the projects looks like. So you know what you're actually testing. So you run npm run dev, do not start. And this will start up the server and I generated a bunch of random data and start up the client that will hit that server.

[00:00:17] So this is the Today I Learned app and yeah it just has a bunch of random posts in here. You can login. There's a user already pre-filled in here, called TIL for Today I Learned, and the password is also til. And then you can add, and this is the editor, this is what I'm gonna be testing here in a second.

[00:00:38] So, something cool, stuff that is awesome, and Okay, so we can create a post, we can't delete it. You can add that feature if you wanna. It could be fun. So, that's what I will be testing here in a second. What you will be testing. It's the login which is actually very similar to the register, you might not notice but the URL is changing they are like identical.

[00:01:10] So, you'll be testing this form, I'll be testing the editor.