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Maximiliano wraps up the course by providing suggested project improvements to practice Swift and well wishes on future development endeavors.


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>> If you wanna improve this app a little bit, I have two bonuses that you can check in the companion website. It's in section six, where you can actually add likes with the LikeManager. You have the code here. So you can test yourself to see if you can make it work.

And it's going to save it locally. So you can actually make fabrics or you can like elements, and next time you open the app, it's going to appear. And also another is a filter. A filter is to actually make your list searchable, okay? So you have here the code, I wanna see if you are able to play with this on your own, and make it work.

If there are no more questions, I think we can finish this course. I hope it was useful, you learn SwiftUI and how to make iOS applications. And I hope to see your apps in the App Store, making a lot of money, I guess. Thank you.

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