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Maximiliano Firtman

Maximiliano Firtman

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iOS App Development with Swift

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Transcript from the "Course Project Files" Lesson

>> So we are going to be building this app. It's called Coffee Masters. So let's say that, we have a coffee shop, so we are selling coffee, okay? We are the new Starbucks competitor, and we need to make the app so you can make orders, from the app.

That's kind of the idea. So that's our portion. We're going to be building this app from scratch, okay? So I have for you some assets so you can download the assets we'll see how to do that later, in terms of the icon we're not going to be building the icon from scratch but the app, the swift code will be written from scratch.

So it's an app from a coffee store. We're going through SwiftUI and as I mentioned before, we're going to be using the Apple human interface guidelines. Which means, it will look like an iOS application. So, because when you're building a mobile app these days, you can actually pick a side.

You can make an Android application that looks like an Android application and iOS looks like an iOS application or you can make your own custom user interface and then your app looks the same on both platforms or similar. Now if you take Instagram or Tik Tok they have their own custom user interface so they are not actually following completely all the guidelines on each platform it's just Tik Tok okay?

So in this case we are going to make it an iOS application. So trying to use what the platform is offering to us, as I mentioned before, okay, so you can download the assets from the companion website. And also you have some coding helps. While I'm writing code, I'm going to write this code from scratch.

But if you want to just copy and paste or see what I'm doing, also you have, let's say 90% similar code on that companion website. I'm going to get out of the presentation for a minute and I will show you that companion website. This is the URL remember, firtman that's my last name

And here you have again introduction. In the introduction you have here the link to actually download the workshop's assets, there okay? Is the font size a little bit so workshops assets, so that's a zipped folder with PNG files on, another file that we will see in a minute, okay?

We're going to use that later. So, then here you have all the steps that we're going to be doing. We will see this later. But I wanna show you here a little video of the app that we are going to be building in fact, instead of showing you the video, I will open the IOS simulator.

We will see how that works in a minute. So for now, just believe me that this works. This is the app. So the app will look like this. This is the app the actual app running. Okay, this is the app that we are going to be building. So you can add to cappuccinos to the car to the order.

Okay, and here you can see the order and you can submit the order that kind of video we have a section with offers here we have tabs at the bottom. So I'm talking about here at the bottom, so these are known as tabs, so it's a tab navigation that's the idea, okay?

That's the goal we're going to be building this app

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