Exploring Service Workers


Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson

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Exploring Service Workers

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Kyle highlights the a website resource for help in building service workers that contains side-by-side, annotated code examples for performing operations involving service workers.


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>> Kyle Simpson: As we dive into serviceworkers, I wanna highlight one of the links that I provided in the Readme. This is serviceworkers, or serviceworke.rs, depending on how you wanna pronounce that. But it's a really fantastic website. They have a bunch of different recipes, basically, for different things you might wanna do listed over here, and you basically click on one of these.

And then, and this took me a really long time to figure out, it's one of the strangest UI designs. I was like, okay, I see the description. Where's the code? You can click on the demo. You can click on this Readme. I'm like, where's the code? The code is over here in the lightest, totally inaccessible gray color that you can imagine.

But if you wanna see their code, it's really cool cuz they actually have the code annotated. They have side by side the annotations of what the code is doing and the code over here. So it's a really great resource. And probably, half of what I know about serviceworkers I got from somewhere in this website.

So it's cool. Check that out.

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