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Will Sentance introduces the course on Servers and Node.js by explaining why Node is such a powerful piece of technology.


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>> Will Sentance: Welcome to Node, the hard parts on servers and the most powerful technology to have emerged in the last ten years in web Node.js. My background, there we go. There it is. I run CodeSmith, a coding school based in Los Angeles and New York, and online. I created Icecom, a library for WebRTC back in the day, was this software engineering gem.

There's my wonderful family, my wonderful sisters. That's the CodeSmith team from the wall back. That's our old LA office, so these pictures are super up to date, each of them at least three years old. There we go. So Node.js, I would say the most powerful technology to emerge in the last ten years.

It's going to allow us to build applications that enable us to handle millions of users at once. Some of the largest companies in the world therefore use it. LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix, IBM all of them use node. But not only that, Node is going to allow us to build out applications that are desktop apps compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems.

Slack, Twitch, VS code, Atom all use Node as part of this package up electron. But that's not enough. We can also use Node to set up hardware with embedded systems that use Node as well. This technology is at the forefront of what we can do with web, but perhaps best of all for us on front end masters.

We can now write applications end to end from what's known, and we'll see all about this, the client side, all the way back to the server side. All in one language, JavaScript.

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