Serverless with AWS Lambda

Lambdas on Express Exercise

Scott Moss

Scott Moss

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Serverless with AWS Lambda

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In this exercise, students convert an application to use Express's routing.


Transcript from the "Lambdas on Express Exercise" Lesson

>> Scott Moss: All right, so what you're gonna be doing is exactly what I just did, if you check out to lesson three if you haven't done already, this is gonna convert what you have over to an express app, redeploy it, and see if it works. Do some post requests, do some get requests, set up some nested, if you know Express you can set up nested routers on here.

All right, so you can say, you can make a new router that looks like express.Router and then you can add this router. You can mount it on some other apps. So do that and see if it works as expected. Maybe it doesn't. Maybe it does, I don't know.

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