Serverless with AWS Lambda

Lambda API Exercise

Scott Moss

Scott Moss

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Serverless with AWS Lambda

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In this exercise, students configure routes for lambdas using the serverless YAML.


Transcript from the "Lambda API Exercise" Lesson

>> Scott Moss: Cool, all right. So what you're gonna be tasked to do is if you look in the serviceless.yml, there's two functions todos and todo. And in the API folder they already have handlers. What you're gonna do is you're gonna hook up the events inside the functions of the severless.yml so that you're able to access them on whatever routes.

Maybe /todo, maybe /todo/id, I did'nt tell you about parameters. So good luck trying to figure that out. [LAUGH] But yeah, I would recommend trying that on this to-do one. See if you can set up a parameter. Even if you don't use any of your lambda functions. See if you can actually set one up.

And then yeah, get those to run and then see if you can access them with some HTTP client or in the browser. And see what happens

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