Serverless with AWS Lambda

Introducing Serverless with AWS

Scott Moss

Scott Moss

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Serverless with AWS Lambda

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Scott Moss introduces Serverless with AWS course. Serverless architecture lets functions run as a service on AWS instead of running a full server.


Transcript from the "Introducing Serverless with AWS" Lesson

>> Scott Moss: What's up everybody, I'm Scott, the CEO and co-founder of TIPE, which is spelled T-I-P-E.IO. The guy at Apple tried to spell it with a y yesterday, but it's with an i. And we use serverless lambda specifically for a lot of our infrastructure together with GraphQL, separate from GraphQL for all different types of things related to APIs, non-related to APIs.

Doing things on the edge for CDN, computing on the edge. So we use it pretty extensively, and it's just getting better and it's constantly growing. And it's just something I always wanted to teach and talk about, because I feel like there's this high barrier entry into it, because you need to know a lot about AWS or platforms in general.

But really with tools like we'll be discussing today, you can get into it really easily. And you don't have to be some DevOps person, or some backend all star to understand how to use lambdas. In fact, anybody can use them. So that's what we're gonna be teaching today.

So let's just hop right into it. Did everyone get a chance to pull down this repo, FrontEnd Masters Service with AWS Lambda? It's not a huge repo. And the reason this repo isn't so huge is because the thing about serverless and lambdas in general is that, when you get down to the code level, at the end of the day, it's just code.

If you've ever written anything server-side or any tooling, it's the same, whether it's Python, Node, or what have you. But the distinguished difference between serverless and a server is how it interacts with the platform you're on, in this case AWS. And then how we interact with the framework that's gonna be pretty much like orchestrating our Lambda functions which is called the service framework.

So a lot of the stuff you'll be doing yourself, but the actual code is more or less the same code you would've written on a server. There's definitely some differences, and we'll discuss those differences. But at the end of the day, it's just code. So we're gonna be focused on how all that comes together, and not so much on creating some amazing function that does something amazing.

Cuz we'll just be stuck here all day trying to debug AWS. Cool, everybody with me? Does everybody have AWS account? If you don't you can set one up, the instructions are here. The free tier which will give you plenty of room to follow this curriculum, and for the next year to do whatever you want.

But if you didn't get to set one up, that's totally fine. You can still follow a long with the curriculum. The only part you won’t be able to actually get in on is when we deploy. Everything else you can do. You can run everything locally, everything is gonna work on your machine.

You don’t even need to touch AWS. Definitely look at what I’m doing when I get into AWS and how to move around and do things, but you don’t need it to follow along. You just won’t be able to set deploy.

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