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Steve wraps up the course by demonstrating how to look at a shared Scratch project's code.


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>> Cool, yeah, so there's a bunch of really cool ideas and ways to extend this. And the goal for today was kind of show you a bunch of the kind of mechanics and common things. We didn't go all the way into, again, maybe we should have three, maybe you should spend, yes, right?

Your job is to take these things and build them out cause you've got a bunch of the concepts of how to do collision detection against a wall. There's a bunch of ways to have movement that makes sense to mechanics around cloning enemies or reusing objects so the game doesn't slow to a crawl.

Broadcasting events so we can show a screen or maybe change levels. All those different pieces are ways that you can kind of dig in and follow more stuff. And the cool part is as soon as you hit share, a lot of people hit share on a project. You can also in any project that you see that you come across, if you look by going to anything in the my stuff piece.

If you go to the project itself, there's like, see inside and if it's not your project, you can see remix. Where you can basically fork it, as I say, and like be in change and tweak stuff and experiment on your own. So any of the projects for a lot of the done stuff, and I'll take all the ones that we did today and also put them On the site too, you can introspect them.

Because a few times, we made choices in the room together that are different than like the pre-baked ones, which are totally fine. I'll take these, any of them you can see inside, remix them, play around with them. And we'll put a studio there where I have it set up.

And we'll put all these links out later, but, I set up a studio, for Front End Masters where you can then anyone can add their projects and share them all and you all can kind of collaborate and see
>> So I can share mine?
>> Yes. Cool.
>> Okay.

>> Yeah.
>> Join it.
>> I believe as long as you have a scratch thing, which you can talk to your dad about, then you should be able to like add by the URL once you have it or browse your own projects.
>> Okay, well, I'm gonna count.

>> Perfect.
>> Share stuff.
>> Absolutely.
>> No, how I [INAUDIBLE] Cool, y'all. [INAUDIBLE]
>> I'm really excited to see what y'all make. [SOUND]

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